Long hiatus.

by gerindra00


Well, I guess it’s been 4 years since the last post I wrote 😊. It took me long and hard time to think what topics I should post. Hmm

This time, my post will be something about re-creation of food made by Gordon Ramsey (who else, huh?). It came across to me while I was randomly checking new videos on Youtube and there it was, a Mango Sundae just appeared on the top of the list. So, I watched it then and was really a simple one.

Why it has to be a dessert? who doesn’t love a sweet and seductive eatery like a dessert (and Pâtisserie) 😊

Here’s the link to the video

Later, I set my mind and went shopping.

These are the things you need,

  1. Raspberry;
  2. Yoghurt (It didn’t clearly said what kind of yoghurt, so this time I bought a Greek Yoghurt which has thick and heavy taste);
  3. Mangoes (of course!)
  4. Orange Zest
  5. Icing sugar (you got to have this for raspberry, believe me!)

After some technical issue :p, here’s the thing


sumber: pribadi


sumber: pribadi

What intrigued me the most is the macerated of the berry’s. I never knew it would be a mix of sweet and acidic yet addictive. I’m thinking maybe a frozen will be a nice one or-even better-I could made an ice cream or sorbet out of it. Hmm…

Maybe on the next post …